- We are not to touch each other, but we are going to take care of each other. We find ourselves in a very serious situation, says the mayor Nils Olav Larsen and deputy mayor Eivind Drivenes, following the meeting in the Crisis Management Team at 3 pm on Thursday.

Both emphasize the importance of all inhabitants doing their best to complying with the rules. At this point, there is no knowledge of people carrying the virus, but we need to cooperate to prevent the outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus.

- Even though most of us are healthy and will handle the Coronavirus well, we need to follow the advice that we get. We need to act in solidarity with those who will not handle the disease as well as we do – and to ensure that the health services are not overwhelmed.

Below you will find detailed information, sorted by topic. There will always be questions that we have not covered. If so, call our Service Desk on 381 37200 or send us an e-mail at post@vennesla.kommune.no in our opening hours which are from 08.00 to 15.30.

Schools and Day-Care Centres

  • All day-care centres (barnehage), schools (barne- og ungdomsskole), upper secondary schools (videregående skole) and adult education (voksenopplæring) are closed for ordinary day care and education from Thursday, March 12 until Thursday, March 26 at 20.00.
  • If you work within crisis management and crucial administration for public institutions, law and order, health care, rescue services, ICT/data security, environmental services, supply security, water and sewerage works, financial services, supply of electricity, electronic communication services, transport, satellite-based services or in a pharmacy: In these cases, day care centres and primary schools (year 1-4) are required to provide day care for your children, so that you will still be able to go to work. 
  • We will still provide day care for children with a special need for care in cases when their needs will not be met elsewhere. 
  • On Friday, employees at schools and day care centres will attend work in order to plan practical solutions for the weeks ahead.
  • All school children of the municipality of Vennesla have tablets. We will make plans for Internet-based education at home.
  • If you still have questions, you may contact the school directly. However, schools will provide information to all parents/legal guardians.

Health Care:

  • At Venneslaheimen, Hægelandsheimen, in sheltered accommodation and at our other institutions we reduce the number of visits to an absolute minimum to prevent contagion to groups that are vulnerable to infection. This means that all voluntary activities and all visiting services will cease.
  • The Municipality of Vennesla has prepared plans to alter working hours,  workplaces and  make other changes if deemed necessary to secure enough personnel in the health institutions of the municipality. These plans will be set in motion when the need arises.
  • The Health Services will cooperate with voluntary organisations to ensure the wellbeing of the community in the case of a shortage of personnel.
  • Drop- in services for people with reduced sight and hearing on Tuesdays will not be available.  
  • Courses for next of kin of people with dementia (Pårørendeskolen for demens) will be called off.
  • The Service Desk on the first floor (up the stairs) at “helsehuset” will be closed. We will provide a letter-box in case people come by to hand in applications. This will be set up on Friday. We will also provide a poster on the door with phone numbers to the case officers’ team, the rehabilitation services and technical services.
  • The depot for disability aids in the municipality (det kommunale hjelpemiddellageret) will be closed for visitors.
  • If you are quarantined and need more help than what friends, neighbours and family can provide, call the Service Desk on 381 37 200.
  • Other important phone numbers: Coronavirus information on 815 55 015. If you experience symptoms of the disease, call your GP (doctor) or the emergency clinic on 116 117. In the case of an emergency, call 113.

The Swimming Pool and The Culture Centre

  • The swimming pool is closed from the afternoon of Thursday, March 12
  • The Municipal Cultural School is closed
  • All cultural events in the Culture Centre are cancelled
  • The Culture Centre, including the library, is closed.


  • Gyms
  • Companies which provide hairdressing services, skin care, massage, body care, tattoos, piercing and other, similar services.
  • All companies which serve food. If the company serves food in such a fashion that there is one metre or more between guests, it is excepted from this rule and may continue its services. Any buffet serving of food is prohibited.  

Herredshuset (Town Hall)

  • The Service Desk will have more staff on hand to answer any requests about help, or any other questions you may have, on the phone. 
  • The whole municipality will reduce its number of meetings to a minimum. Many members of staff will work from home. The leader of each member of staff will decide who is to work from home.
  • Any letting of The Council Buidling is cancelled – with the exception of events that are regarded as highly important to the community.

NAV Midt-Agder

NAV Midt-Agder at Hunsøya will close its doors to visitors for the time being. A plan will be made for how to schedule visits. This plan will be published next week.

We are making plans:

We cancel all meetings that are not essential. All 27 units of the municipality have their own plans on how to handle the situation in the event that 25 per cent of the staff are on sick leave – or in the event that 40 per cent of the staff are on sick leave. Rest assured that the municipality of Vennesla is prepared for a situation that is even more challenging than the one we are experiencing now.  

The political level

  • The number of meetings is reduced to a minimum.
  • The Council Meeting on Thursday, March 26, is cancelled.
  • The Plan- and Economy Committee will hold its meeting as planned on Tuesday, but on premises that hold reduced risk of contagion.

Rules regarding travel

  • We want to remind you that everyone who returns from travel outside of the Nordic countries later than February 27, needs to be quarantined.
  • The authorities urgently ask us to avoid travels that are not deemed necessary. 

We remind you that this is regarded as a national crisis. The way to handle it, is to work together – and to make sure everyone is doing their part.

The Chief Physician of Vennesla, Per Kjetil Dalane, says that:

- We hope that these drastic measures in people’s every day life will help prevent the spread of the virus. However, we need to prepare for a situation that will last for some time.  It is vital that people help each other in our community – but without transferring the disease to each other.